# Certification body Certificate
1 Coursera.org Data Analysis with R Programming
2 Google Analytics Academy Google Analytics for Beginners
3 LinkedIn Python for Data Visualization
4 Skillsoft.com Agile Project Planning
5 Skillsoft.com Agile Principles and Methodologies
6 Skillsoft.com Agile Stakeholder Engagement and Team Development
7 Skillsoft.com Agile Project Scheduling and Monitoring
8 LinkedIn IT Help Desk for Beginners
9 LinkedIn Test-Driven Development in Django
10 Coursera.org Exploring and Preparing your Data with BigQuery
11 Coursera.org Creating New Bigquery Datasets and Visualizing Insights
12 Coursera.org MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud
13 LinkedIn Business Analysis Foundations
14 LinkedIn Learning Responsive Web Design in the Browser