FPL Predictor

by Fola

Posted on Wednesday, 3rd jan 2024


A. Project Overview

B. Project Goals and Objectives

C. Stakeholders Involved

2.Data Collection and Preprocessing

A. Identify Data Sources

B. Gather and Extract Data

C. Data Cleaning and Formatting

D. Data Integration and Transformation

3.Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

A. Descriptive Statistics

B. Data Visualization

C. Identify Patterns and Trends

D. Identify Outliers and Missing Values

E. Feature Engineering

4.Data Modeling and Analysis

A. Selecting Appropriate Statistical Techniques

B. Hypothesis Testing

C. Regression Analysis

D. Classification and Predictive Modeling

E. Time Series Analysis (if applicable)

5.Insights and Visualization

A. Summarize Findings and Key Insights

B. Create Visualizations (Charts, Graphs, Dashboards)

C. Present Results to Stakeholders

6.Recommendations and Actionable Insights

A. Provide Recommendations Based on Analysis

B. Identify Potential Areas for Improvement

C. Highlight Key Findings and Their Impact

7. Data Reporting and Documentation

A. Create Detailed Documentation of the Project

B. Develop a Final Report

C. Present the Report to Stakeholders

D. Maintain Documentation for Future Reference

8. Project Management and Timeline

A. Define Project Milestones and Deliverables

B. Allocate Resources and Set Deadlines

C. Regular Progress Tracking and Reporting

D. Adaptation to Changes and Risk Management


A. Summary of Accomplishments

B. Lessons Learned

C. Future Scope and Recommendations